20 April

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The operation was a success.

"...your film will be confiscated."   1421z
2004.04.20 12:09

surely touched by Eva Stotesbury...   1421z
2004.04.20 12:26

Re: "...your film will be confiscated."   1421z
2004.04.20 16:29

Cenotaph of Gordon Matta-Clark   1421z
2004.04.20 20:14

Re: Selective Memories - Unbekannt   1662l
2005.04.20 14:20

2004.04.20 12:26
surely touched by Eva Stotesbury...

2004.04.20 20:14
Cenotaph of Gordon Matta-Clark
Ever since All Saints Day 1994, i.e., a couple days after the world's largest building implosion, Gordon Matta-Clark has been 'living' within and around the quondam power-house of the imploded Sears and Roebuck Northeast Distribution Center.
cenotaph 1 : an empty tomb or a monument erected in honor of a person who is buried elsewhere 2: someplace inhabited by a spirit rather than by a body
Gordon and Otto never met until 1999, when Otto made a visit to Friends Hospital, the first psychiatric hospital of the United States, which is right across the Roosevelt Blvd. from Gordon's "cenotaph". Gordon and Otto instantly became best friends, and Otto especially likes how Gordon still manages to make Ludwig extremely nervous.




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