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Re: [art] being/appositional [to architecture]
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apposition beach, apposition eye
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Re: [art] ? [architecture]
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Re: The Last Taboo?   1323j
2003.04.03 14:32

bilocation--opening odds of Ottopia   1421s
2004.04.03 16:50

John Paul II dies   1662e
2005.04.03 12:22

Books to give parents so they understand what architecture is   1662e
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Fashion Trends   1662e
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Mary Boone's 180 hours of community service
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2002.04.03 18:24
Re: [art] ? [architecture]
In just doing a websearch of Warhol's Last Supper (appositional) paintings, I was quickly reminded of...     ...remember all the different (art and architecture) things we talked about on DIA's roof while lounging in West's Rest?

2003.04.03 14:32
Re: The Last Taboo?
...the Taliban destroyed Buddhist monuments, but they did not create anything in the process. In this case, the Taliban are not utilizing a metabolic imagination.

2004.04.03 16:50
bilocation -- opening odds of Ottopia
On 1 January 2004, Franziska, the Baroness von Ow, began her bike trip at Apatin, Yugoslavia, which ended at Woroschilowgradska Oblast, Bokovo-Antrazitowski, Ukraine on 19 January. On 18 January, however, Franziska met Frederick, the first King of Prussia, and together (Franziska here bilocates) they went to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania--every so often Frederick celebrates the anniversary of his coronation in Pennsylvania. Here they met Otto (the great virtual and almost last King of Bavaria) and Maria at the Mall in the morning, and then they all went to Germantown in Philadelphia. They had lunch at the King of Prussia Tavern on Germantown Avenue, and were joined by Thomas Jefferson, Sally Hemmings, and George and Martha Washington--Thomas lived at the King of Prussia Tavern in November 1793, and Washington dined there frequently during his stay at Germantown. In the evening, Maria and Franziska left for Milan and Bokovo respectively, while Otto and Frederick dined downtown Philadelphia, at Rococo, a restaurant within the quondam Corn Exchange Bank by Trumbauer.

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