15 February

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Re: bankruptcy exhaustion and closure
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2003.02.15 10:55
Re: bankruptcy exhaustion and closure
I'm [not] confused.
What's the definitive difference between something that is art and something that resembles art?
Does art that is art not resemble art as well?
If there is something that isn't art but resembles art, then what is it exactly?

2003.02.15 12:39
Re: bankruptcy exhaustion and closure
So, something that isn't art but resembles art is likely either craft, bad art, experimental work, student work, and/or conceptual work?
Since you clearly delineate the place(s) where something that isn't art but resembles art (most likely) resides, do you have any suggestions where art that is art (most likely) resides.
You speak of "solid boundaries to respond to," and that these are imperative for an avant-garde to exist, but what if an avant-garde advocated "liquid" boundaries additional to the solid boundaries?

2003.02.15 12:39
Re: bankruptcy exhaustion and closure
What value is there in basing judgment on a supposition (i.e., what will be thought a hundred years from now) that the outcome of which is completely unknown.
Haven't you yourself just based your thinking on a "fluid" boundary? Thus, to use your own qualifications, what you suggest about postmodern art being very potentially mediocre is itself very potentially mediocre.
Everything you just wrote is itself a response to an "unknown value." So, which are you, the true artist or the divine fool? Moreover, isn't an ingenuine pretender the same as a non-pretender, thus the real thing?

2003.02.15 22:01
some new rules?
chronosomatics   00 : The Timepiece of Humanity   01 : an interpretive method that deals with the interrelationship between chronological or historical sequence and consecutive transverse sections of the human body   02 : a metaphorical link between specific points in time with specific points on or in the human body   03 : a theory whereby the morphology and physiology of the human body is seen as representative of the complete continuum of human existence   04 : the calendar incarnate
The main reason why I don't feel bankrupt, exhausted or closed.




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