2 December

1890 birth of C. Paul Jennewein
1891 birth of Wilhelm Heinrich Dix

Re: def: AutoCAD Architecture
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Re: game talk
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Re: Artists who feel invisible to the "powers that be"
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Consumerism and Monumentality
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2 December
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2 December
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Re: game talk
2002.12.02 10:20

Is it too much to ask that "DuChamp" never appear here again, and that the artist Marcel Duchamp's name is represented here correctly from now on?

Check out Duchamp's own signature...

Re: Artists who feel invisible to the "powers that be"
2002.12.02 11:03

One could argue that the whole point of visual art(s) is to indeed be visible. [Fortunately, there is at least sculpture for blind people.]

Our present "age" of mass /netted communications offer artists a multitude of new ways to be visible, i.e., execute their 'craft', be it via images or words or moving images and words, etc.

I know what I'm working for (as opposed to chasing). I'm working for the final goal of history.

contemplative joke:
When filing my taxes, "I work at becoming famous" is how I fill in my occupation.

No [island] doubt a full time job, but "nice work if you can get it."

Gosh, I think I just did my visible artwork for today. Boy, now I have another day off.




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