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1881 birth of Pablo Picasso

1944 The Property of Mrs. Eva R. Stotesbury auction

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Re: The GREATMAN   4580c
2002.10.25 19:50

Re: Pop Life: Los Super Elegantes
2004.10.25 16:31

2002.10.25 19:50

Frank Zimmerman wrote in closing:
i kan hardly waite for 'ZTiffAN' to hurll hiz VORboze into THiz MIXX-KAN U & by the TIme 'THe RAiny-BUFfollow putzz IT toGETHER WE'll B zunning OURzelvez-a LONGway from PHillee'

Steve replies:
I could be cute and say I really should delay any 'hurl' coming from my direction, or more specifically from my Philadelphia position, but the truth is that I enjoy this bulletin board and it ongoing postings. I enjoy the stimulation as well as the open opportunity engendered by the bulletin board. Of course, this is because I even more enjoy the stimulation and open opportunity engendered by Duchamp and his works.

My first visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (in 1972 when I was a sophomore in high school) was spurred on by Life magazine's feature of the world's largest painting by Gene Davis. It was on that first visit that I at least remember seeing The Large Glass for the first time, but with no prior knowledge of it or Duchamp--perhaps in retrospect experiencing a kind of lose of virginity in the process, yet also oddly not knowing then who was ultimately "f-ing" with me. I wasn't crazy about what I saw, but the full title of the piece did indeed "tickle" me. Beyond that, I can now only guess that I probably didn't see into Étant Donnés that first visit, thus I probably saw the door, but didn't know to look inside.

Sometime it seems like a lot has happened (with me) in the 30 years since then, and sometimes it seems that maybe not enough happened since then. And then even delay becomes an issue, and I suppose that's appropriate (or is it just cute?).

One work at the PMA that I clearly remember from my first visit is the very early Picasso Self Portrait in its collection (currently on an exhibition tour). Picasso was still alive then, but he died the next year. I remember how Time magazine began it report of Picasso's death, something to the effect of moving from "Picasso IS the greatest artist of the 20th century to Picasso WAS the grestest artist of the 20th century."

I've just now been inspired to consolidate my Philadelphia Museum of Art focus via (working title) Reenacting Triumph on Fairmount, Even

Re: Pop Life: Los Super Elegantes
2004.10.25 16:31

Saw Warhol (again) the other night in his cimematic debut where he first met Liz Taylor way before that Love Boat thing. I'll let Andy tell you the title, even though he was in it less than a minute. Do you think Vanessa Beecroft ever saw the opening scenes? Sure looked like one of her works.

Anyway, haven't finished my viewing yet, so my favorite scene is yet to come. No, not the terrorist explosion at the Altar of Peace. Actually, "What time is it?!?"




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