24 October

1710 birth of Alban Butler

Square Poem 37   3356s

Re: urinal and mistletoe   4580c
2002.10.24 13:09

All those "separated at birth gags...
2002.10.24 15:33

Re: urinal and mistletoe
2002.10.24 13:09

Besides being reenactments (of mistletoe, even?), are today's Duchamp Fountains also representations of the "male fig leaf"? Or might they enforce artistic blabber control? (I wish.) Or do they portend that "in the future, everyone will piss for 15 minutes?"

Stephen Lauf
All those "separated at birth" gags are destined to become a poignant part of turn-of-the-millennium art history, or at least that's what fictitious fashion voyeur Dick Hertz said. (Also known as Wig Nut and Wig Not)
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