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373 death of St. Athanasius

1981 death of Daniel Hansford

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Re: movement generates 3d
2004.05.02 12:01

REPORTAGE- Rhythm & Gender
2004.05.02 12:13

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2004.05.02 12:01
Re: movement generates 3d
Which has a better memory, the mind or the body?
"The spin-doctor I most believe in is the Earth itself, mainly because of the calendar of seasonal reenactment it engenders." he said jokingly.
"Are you paraphrasing from Hemingway's A Moveable Feast again?" the other quickly queried.
enter Eutropia
"Hey! Guess what! Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheims and Sigmund Freud were all at the Vatican Museum doing a double-helix love/hate thing circa 20 January 2004. They were obviously avoiding us at Mediolandum. And that reminds me how 1699 years ago at Mediolandum yesterday my husband officially became a quondam Emperor."
Where does one stop being in Mediolandum and start being in Milan?

2004.05.02 12:13
REPORTAGE- Rhythm & Gender
Re: Cremaster Cycle
by stephenlauf, 02.23.2003 11:25 am
Is it true that Barney is next going to work on a "reality TV" project? American Immunity Idol, is it? Or Quasi-Quondam Bachelor Fearlessly Stripping in Absolutely Fabulous Drag? I know, Lights, Camera, Apostacy!
In the future, all reality will be recorded by a camera, because if it isn't captured by a camera, you can kiss that reality goodbye.
Now read Matthew Barney's '1000 words' in Artforum May 2004.




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