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1793 beheading of Louis XVI

1955 birth of Jeff Koons

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Re: Kitsch
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Perhaps the biggest irony is that Duchamp very overtly played the reenactor, yet virtually no one, and perhaps even Duchamp himself, realized just how much of Duchamp's art is all reenactment.

Hamilton is certainly the occasional reenactor of Duchamp, but does he even realize that is exactly what he is doing above all else?

Check out Readymade in Japan with Laser Print on Transparancy, a completely admitted reenactment of something that is actually not Duchamp.

Note: the limit of reenactment is that it can never be exactly that which it reenacts.

2003.01.21 13:04

I think the real issue presently questioned / addressed is that PR, self-promotion, and entertainment are NOT necessarily three different things anymore. Moreover, the confluence of PR, self-promotion, and entertainment has become a (new) hybrid artform in its own right.

Maybe all it really needs is a name that everyone can agree on—probably a hybrid name with multiple entendre, sort of like museumpeace.

Re: Kitsch
2005.01.21 11:16

Spetters makes very artful use of the vehicle motif.
Nur Einstein einladed. Dann ist Einkaufen einmalig. Und das ist kein Einbildung, sondern ein Einlaß.
I assume school teaches about different mediums, but does it also teach about different vehicles?

Are all mediums already invented?
Are all vehicles already invented?

Denk mal.




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