12 January

1976 death of Agatha Christie

collages of The Final Dick Manifesto


Re: craft vs. art
2003.01.12 16:55

The Odds of Ottopia
2004.01.12 12:09

Re: 2005! new year of art
2005.01.12 17:22

Virtual Painting 001-011  

Virtual Painting 009

95011201 new painting 3

2003.01.12 16:55
Re: craft vs. art
Augury, as in the flight pattern of birds, you mean?
Augury is a kind of air-craft art, isn't it?

2005.01.12 17:22
Re: 2005! new year of art
The quondam King of Prussia Tavern on Germantown Avenue
is presently replaced by a Crazy Dollar store
and the Risqué beauty parlor.
Thomas Jefferson enjoys shopping at Crazy Dollar
while Sally is getting her hair done at Risqué.





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