2 January

1872 birth of Albert C. Barnes

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Eutropia looking directly at Helena
2003.01.02 19:38

Re: Chora L Works
2003.01.02 21:24

pretending something happens
2003.01.02 21:24

2003.01.02 14:44

Virtual Museum
314 - 330

Re: Animal House
2005.01.02 11:19

Eutropia looking directly at Helena...

...and Helena is looking directly back at Eutropia as well.

Re: Chora L Works
2003.01.02 21:24

Now there's a book you'd like to pretend never happened.

I must admit, however, that I do like the literal symbolism of Chora L Works, i.e., a theory with lots and lots and lots of holes in it.

Why, it's enough to make you say, "Holy Saint Cow Day, Batman!"

pretending something happens
2003.01.02 21:24


a. so touching
b. so moving
c. so clinical
d. so expensive
e. so Roman Catholic

2003.01.02 14:44

Pollock taking a piss in Guggenheim's fireplace.

Stirling taking a piss on Rudolph's glass door facing the Yale architecture faculty party going on inside.

Pretty much anything Disney does in the name of theme park entertainment.

That spontaneous online double theater where being FOG said "Too much white thinking manifests extinctions."

Oh, and Heliogabalus marrying a vestal virgin.

Re: Animal House
2005.01.02 11:19

Watched Russian Ark last night for the first time. I live in a 'hermitage' too. Maybe a movie in 90 seconds?

Had dinner last night with someone that was exactly 60 years ago on a freight train headed for a Soviet labor/concentration camp...




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