8 December

1888 birth of Fiske Kimball

notes on chronosomatics 226-227

Re: Rosenquist's visual speak   1324t
2003.12.08 12:00

2005 arrival of Wolfhilde von Schlittenfahrt

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Re: Rosenquist's visual speak
2003.12.08 12:00

I thought F-111 was so named because the painting itself is as long as an F-111 plane; indeed, portions of the plane's side elevation to scale are visible within the painting. [Although, I might be completely wrong about this.]

interview question: help a 'necter out
2006.12.08 10:57

Latest addition to the Working Title Museum:

The nice thing about virtual books is that they can morph so easily. For example, Infinite Ways to Stuff Stuff could just as well be How to Turn Every Corner of Your House into an Art Installation.




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