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2002.11.13 22:01

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Re: Matthew Barney
2002.11.13 22:01

I've probably already lost out just by viewing 4 & 5 on my TV while laying on the couch, rather than seeing the work on a large screen with an audience. [It just occurred to me that seeing anything in the privacy of one's home very much lessens the "obligation" of sitting though an entire performance, while also lessening the occasion to "zone out" because one can either just get up and do something else or just change the channel.] The series played at the Philadelphia Museum of Art a while back, but I found out about it after the fact—I would have gone to the "viewing" if I had known about it. Mind you, I would have been very tempted to yell out "Give me a break!" and "Oh my gosh, isn't this is the most amazing thing you've ever seen!" more than a few times.

Seeing what I saw so far, however, and even under less than favorable circumstances, I'm still disappointed relative to all the hype.




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