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306 'coronation' of Maxentius as Emperor
312 Battle of the Milvian Bridge
312 death of Maxentius

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2002.10.28 17:57

Museum Studies 6.1

Re: Yinka Shonibare
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Re: Duchamp says viewer finishes the work of art?
2002.10.28 17:57

Having thus been prompted by YaLing Chen's post, I went to read "The Creative Act" within a copy of the latest reprint of Salt Seller, a book I purchased at the Philadelphia Museum of Art something like two years ago. I know I never read this book cover to cover, but I probably read the short 'essays' when I first bought the book. Anyway, before reading "The Creative Act" today, I first (re?)read the text right before it, namely, "Regions which are not ruled by time and space....", text of a television interview of Duchamp by James Johnson Sweeney January 1956 filmed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. [I was in Philadelphia at the time, but still in my mother's womb, waiting for the last hours before Spring it turned out.] This reading turned out to be completely apropos because earlier today I composed and uploaded a series of webpages entitled Dossier Duchamp which comprise [almost] all the images I've taken of/within the Duchamp Gallery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art since 11 February 1999.

Being now more aware of "Regions which are not ruled by time and space...." I propose Museum Studies 6.1 where visitors to the PMA Duchamp Gallery are encouraged to bring along a copy of the Duchamp/Sweeney interview text and then speak some of the passages while in the Duchamp Gallery, thus somewhat closely renacting sound waves first produced by Duchamp and/or Sweeney within the same space, yet at a different time, obviously.

The next time I visit the PMA Duchamp Gallery you can be sure I'll reenactingly speak "There is a symmetry in the cracking, the two crackings are symmetrically arranged and there is more, almost an intention there, an extra--a curious intention that I am not responsible for, a ready-made intention, in other words, that I love and respect."

Re: Yinka Shonibare
2004.10.28 12:47

Do the One-Eyed Blinka.

There's surely a place to play for those that attained fame when not everyone had UHF (ultra high frequency) yet.

2004.10.28 13:13

Maxentius falls into river and is ultimately voted off the island.

Apparently he's the third so far. Marie Antoinette lost her head right away.

Rumor has it that both sets of Matta-Clark and Bijani twins are on the island.




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