20 October

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Re: Pop Life: Los Super Elegantes
2004.10.20 17:17   1424j
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2004.10.20 23:25


2004.10.20 17:17
Re: Pop Life: Los Super Elegantes
Found this while doing The Odds of Ottopia research:
In the article "The Day Pop Art Died," Katherine Kuh maintains that on the opening day of the World's Fair, April 22, 1964, "Pop art died a natural and undramatic death, inadvertently eliminated by Robert Moses when he turned the New York World's Fair into a gigantic spectacle that out-pops all competition. Instead of interpreting the banality of our mass produced environment, the pop artist merely reproduces it. . . . At the Fair, the model so completely overwhelms the copy, as to make the latter obsolete... No one interested in Pop Art should hiss the hotdog stands... each topped by what resembles huge scoops of glistening whipped cream . . . or the eighty foot tire that the U.S. Rubber Company has turned into a ferris wheel."
Katherine Kuh has been a part of The Odds of Ottopia since 2004.03.22.

2004.10.20 23:25
acceptable margin of error?
Marie Antoinette is getting a real kick out of how Martha Stewart is reenacting her these days--so Hameau Tableau. She's also wondering if 6 October will again have some significance.
Maria Antoinette and the Royal family were forcibly removed from Versailles 6 October 1789. Martha Stewart began her prison sentence 8 October 2004.




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