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2002.09.30 20:17

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Mary Boone's 180 hours of community service   hours: 171

2002.09.30 20:17
Re: special guest star Jean-Paul Sartre
One of the worthwhile artworks I saw yesterday at the Philadelphia ICA was a short video (about 4 minutes) by Matt Marello entitled Sitcom: Hillbillies With Special Guest Star Jean Paul Sartre.
This video comprises scenes of the artist (I think) dressed and speaking as Jean-Paul Sartre interspersed with scenes from The Beverly Hillbillies TV show. First we see 'Sartre' espousing existentialist blah-blah (from Being And Nothingness I just found out via a web search) followed by return comments from Jed and/or Granny. The exchange goes on a good bit and is indeed hilarious. I can barely remember any of the words specifically, but I did laugh after every sequence. At one point Jed said, "Can't say that I agree with you, but I appreciate you sayin' it to my face." As ever, Granny has the final say, "Take my advice and forget about the whole thing. Besides, I gotta go. There's some pig's knuckles cookin' on the stove."
It is probably with good 'reason' that The Beverly Hillbillies was the number one TV show when it first came on the air (1965-66 I think).




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