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2003.08.19 21:40

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Mary Boone's 180 hours of community service   hours: 157 158 159

2003.08.19 21:40
Locus Focus: "Hyperrealisms"
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2004.08.19 14:43
your destination please
On 14 August 2004 it was suggested that Julia Child was hence going to the Ottofest in Budapest. Not until last night was it learned that Julia, like Napoleon, celebrates her birthday on 15 August.
Julia and Theodor Hierneis are for the time being inseparable.
Otto received his surprise yesterday after all the gang arrived at St. Helena Island.
After 1611 years Olympic Games return to Olympia, on the feast of St. Helena, with the first female athletes to perform there ever.
"Otto (who is now married to the quondam daughter-in-law of Theodosius, the emperor who closed the Olympic Games in 393), notice how the bodies of the shot putters twist like a fanciful column just before they execute their throw."
"You're not telling me that that..."
"Well, we did own the House of Nero there, and the columns are gorgeous, and Eutropia thought it would be wonderful for columns from Nero's Olympia House to then move to Nero's Garden in Rome."
"What's that Piranesi?"
"If you look closely at the Ichnographia Campi Martii, you'll see that I hinted as much."
"Oh, Giovanni Battista, you're such a precursor."
Meanwhile, Leni and at least all eight centuries of von Ows have headed for Greece to begin filling the empty seats.




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