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2003.05.14 10:17

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2003.05.14 18:31

2004 Louis I. Kahn, with Helena, Eutropia, and Catherine de Ricci visit Israel

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Koolhaas versus the Actor   1662o
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2003.05.14 10:17
Know your Exit
I knew virtually nothing about Joseph Cornell until I read Joseph Cornell/Marcel Duchamp...in resonance in Spring 2001. (I was/am very familiar with Duchamp, however, because of years of many visits to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.) I found that Cornell and I had/have virtually identical kitchen sinks, and that Cornell's 'studio' looks very much like my basement. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Flushing vis--vis New York City is very similar to Olney vis--vis Philadelphia.

2003.05.14 18:31
Re: get a journalist ...
Journalists will surely write about your art after it sells for lots of money. That's the only guarantee I can think of.




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