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1821 death of Napoleon at St. Helena

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Koolhaas versus the Actor   1662n
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modernity/post-modernity   1662n
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Artifact of Ottopia No. 141   1662n

5 May 1821 Napoleon dies in exile at St. Helena   1662n   4580g
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Van wrote:
I can't speak for my Lakota acquaintance but, I suspect he would just shake his head and mutter something about typical white man thinking, meaning there's no use in trying to explain that ghosts are real to someone who lives in a world where it is possible to be "on time".
Steve adds:
Yesterday I tossed some cake/pie crusts out on my lawn to feed the birds. I later noticed that they were soon consumed by the birds. I occasionally feed the animals I see around my house. I told Simon that a year or two ago there was a squirrel perched on the handrail outside my door, seemingly just waiting for me and some food. The squirrel didn't even run away when I happened to come to the door. It later dawned on me that the squirrel had remembered something I forgot, namely that roughly a half year earlier I had tossed some walnuts just outside my door.
Simon's response was immediate. "All animals are like clockwork, aren't they? --especially when it comes to eating. That's why you never fish along a stream in the same place more than once. A crocodile will get you right away, won't it?"
Somehow, it only seems natural for living things to be "on time".

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