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Re: Despite 'Rays of Light', I'm Drawing a Line in the Sand
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2005 death of Philip Johnson
2005 induction of Philip Johnson into the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club

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Philip Johnson is dead :(   1661l
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17012601   Franklin's Footpath within Philadelphia West context plans   9827b


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Re: Despite 'Rays of Light', I'm Drawing a Line in the Sand
It's doubtful you're the first or the last artist to find frustration and lose when trying to translate something on a screen onto some(plane)thing out/off of the screen. Yes, the differences do indeed exist, but they can also be exploited. Complete 1 to 1 translation is likely an ideal that doesn't even exist anyway, so why bother trying.
It's sad you feel you lost a bunch of work, because you really didn't if you backed it up. It's all still there, 'sitting' as you put it. It's even been dated, for future reference.
The screen environment isn't shrinking.
Which is better:
tools determining how you think
thinking determining how you use tools
Will artists ever be judged or valued because of their personal "thousand other things been done?"

2003.01.26 12:01
Re: Despite 'Rays of Light', I'm Drawing a Line in the Sand
evolution of dexterity
Are we living in an age when a person/body without hands or without hands that are working can go to art school and begin to draw by talking to a computer?
Where exactly are artists without their corporal and extra-corporal tools?

2005.01.26 11:47
...and through the looking glass.




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