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Re: I've been shut out at artforum
I did read the introduction and the conclusion of Formless by the way, and I'm glad I did. On the issue of sacred and profane, however, I will point out that while Bataille's perspective is sound, it nonetheless is devoid of the second birth notion. Not that that is therefore an error on Bataille's part, more just a distinction that can(/must?) be made between Bataille and Eliade (for example). Also, I got a hint of reasoning that Bataille envisioned an uncanny sameness(?) or reciprocity(?) between extreme 'profane' and extreme 'sacred'--I like to think it's because when something gets very extreme (in either 'direction') it's the extreme-ness itself that becomes the overriding issue.

2003.01.24 15:27
Re: Favorite Artist?
I like exploring limits via (my) art. I seem to have touched upon some of your tolerance. While finding your tolerance is not exactly my objective, I now have more data about limits, especially within this corner of the artworld. I could be clever and say "sad little self promotions" is my form of self abjection, and in some ways that's true. But, on the other hand, my self promotion is not so little, and your attention helps to confirm that.
In defense of the links I've posted here, I'd say almost all of them have been fairly specific to the issue being responded to. For example, the issue of carjackings was brought up and thus I responded with a story I wrote that centered around a carjacking. Della Francesca was brought up, and I responded with a large portrayal of Helena Augusta, the woman credited with actually finding the True Cross because The Legend of the True Cross is della Francesca's largest work.
Extremes are interesting because they involve both the wholly outer and the wholly inner. All and nothing are both extreme cases.
Finally, besides exploring extremes, I participate in online forums as a (personal) art project. I like talkback because it is so artscene-centric. You should try the late-antiquity list. I took things so far there right after 9-11 that some came to essentially ask that I be 'damnatio memoriae'-ed. I'm rather proud of accomplishing the trek into that territory because damnatio memoriae was a quintessential late-antiquity practice. Mind you, I raised legitimate late antique issues, particularly the dating of Helena Augusta's death and the correct chronological sequence of Eusebius' Vita Constantini Book III, which shook up some otherwise staid thinking.
I favor Piranesi because he treated historiography as art, the same way he treated archaeology as art. What he did came right before the distinct rise of science, and it's separation from art. I want to learn how to do such work again, thus I've been working at reenacting Piranesi for almost 15 years now. Piranesi primarily utilized two mediums, etching/engraving and publishing. I too utilize publishing as a medium, but in conjunction with html.

2003.01.24 21:04
Re: Favorite Artist?
What is Jonathan Borofsky doing these days. He didn't turn into Tom Friedman, did he?
Are the Beuys back in town?
Care to see my fine collection of Heilman-C ads?
The Face June 1995 Bjork cover
p. 54 quotes Bjork: "I was born to be in love. I'm obsessed with it, but I'm a bit fickle. I want to meet someone."
turn the page, and guess who's there.
Matthew Barney as Loughton Candidate.
it must be magic.
Meanwhile, the relic head of Helena, my favorite paradigm shifter of all time, resides at Trier. Some pope took her sarcophagus for himself, but now it's in the Vatican Museum. Big purple thing, marble from a specific place in Egypt, you know.
no, this won't go on till you're blue in the face.
"Du bist tausend Kunstler!" said Oma.

2003.01.24 22:29
Re: Despite "Rays of Light', I'm Drawing a Line in the Sand
sand dollar for your thoughts:
Does anyone know what artist started the Pop Out of It Art movement?

2005.01.24 16:08
Re: Who is the greatest figurative painter alive?
I've been thinking about sculpture lately, at least virtually.




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