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Re: the art and architecture of fashionism
Perhaps Mussolini's greatest artistic execution was his entire oeuvre of reenactments, from the personal level right on up to the world political level.
Caligula, Nero, Elagabalus, Mussolini--all tremendous reenactors of the human spirit when it fully comprehends the ease of disposability that comes with absolute control. The New World as it morphed into the Corporate USA reenacts that same human spirit.
The question was "if there will ever be a full review of the academic system the same way that Enron, WorldCom, Arthur Anderson and others in the business sector are being checked-and-balanced?" One way to review the academic system is to purposely reenact it. The strengths and weaknesses of any operation inevitably become clear via its reenactment, thus enabling the reenactor to make well-tailored decisions (where the real art in reenactment occurs) that better (or worsen) that which is being reenacted. Once a system becomes thoroughly understood via reenactment, it is then a matter of proper timing for its reenactment to manifest the fullest surpassing effect.
Does this maybe sound a little like steps in a voluntary evolutionary process, or does this more or less just paraphrase the instructions to an acting class? Actually, I think it voluntarily reenacts steps of the evolutionary process, and that actors are more precisely professionally trained reenactors.
All of the above is a merely a quick condensation of how I've observed the nature/workings of reenactment through my own reenactment experiments. As I yesterday worked further on reenacting the OMA/Koolhaas Projects for Prada by way of Projects for Quaestio Abstrusa Fashions I learned that Projects for Prada, while very much a companion book to The Harvard Guide to Shopping, is even more a book that very much strives being intense about creativity as creativity relates to intense shopping. I also learned that Projects for Prada is definitely lacking in intensity, thus I will strive to greatly intensify.


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