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Re: Hope all is well
Hello Yura,
The rescheduling of the Star Revengeís opening from July to October does seem to relieve some pressure. Iíll be keeping in touch much more regularly between now and thenóIím feeling renewed excitement over the exhibit. By the way, The Discovery of Piranesiís Final Project is set to end 9 November 2023, Piranesiís death date (4 October is Piranesiís birthday).
Thanks for you congratulations; it mean a lot to me. In fact, your congratulations is the first time anyone has expressed anything to me regarding The Discovery of Piranesiís Final Project. Keep in mind, however, that where Bianconi and Piranesi are involved, itís actually Bianconi, Piranesi, Francesco and even Laura that are collectively involved in the ĎCircus of Caracallaí affair. Hence, Bianconi is clearly out-numbered, and, perhaps even more importantly, there was no real rupture in the business between Piranesiís death and Francescoís taking controlóFrancescoís artistic career is largely a positive continuation of Piranesiís intentions.
Regarding my connection to Russia, it dawned on me last night that you, YP, are indeed my only real connection to Russiaóall my other connections to Russia are true, but youíre my only connection to Russia thatís actually real! Anyway, Iím now in the process of getting more acquainted with S. Eisensteinís Piranesi analysis, and thanks for the suggestion.
In closing, Iíd like it if youíd consider being a co-author within The Discovery of Piranesiís Final Project, meaning that anytime you want to add something to the story, just send me the data and Iíll publish it. I, and the story, could very much use another voice, especially a voice coming from Russia, Moscow, and even the House of Culture.
Feeling good again,


a work within
The Twelve in the Hall

zero five eight

slowly trying to accomplish cover to cover...
Walter Benjamin, Illuminations.
Susan Sontag, Against Interpretations.
Joseph Rykwert, The Judicious Eye: Architecture Against the Other Arts.
and the "Bilocation" chapter of
Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day.


Re: GŲtterdšmmerung?
This is getting interesting. Brings to mind the notion/role of the spoil sport (a la homo ludens), i.e., the one(s) not playing by the preferred game/club rules, and, at the same time, manifesting a likewise history/legacy that the club rather not acknowledge.


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