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abracadabra, faia
Abra, good news. That was my broker on the other line, and now is the prefect time for me to liquefy some of my funds, hence I can give you the go-a-head to start the schematic designs for my new LA gallery.
What site?
Oh, yeah. It's the one that you though would be best. And guess what? I've come up with the perfect name for the gallery--Rita Novel This Sontag. Gosh, I'm so excited. Magic architecture is going to be so big.
We'll do lunch soon. Ciao 4 now.


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2 = odd, Dick

LIFE magazine     June 16, 1972

Gene Davis     FRANKLIN'S FOOTPATH     1972

"With 12 miles of masking tape, 400 gallons of special paint and a lot of stooping, artist Gene Davis created the world's largest painting. It covers a 31,464-square-foot parking area at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and may last five years." I fondly remember walking over it many times as a teenager going to the art museum.

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