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From The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project:
12 August 2023   Saturday
Pierre-Adrien Pâris, Louis-Alexandre Trouard, Francesco, and even Laura have abundant fond memories of their times together. And Piranesi, too, has many fond memories of Pierre-Adrien.
When Piranesi first met Pierre-Adrien and Louis-Alexandre he quickly recognized a most fortunate opportunity. Louis-Alexandre and Francesco must become best friends immediately, and Pierre-Adrien will tutor the two of them in architecture--"The boys will keep themselves busy, and Francesco will be a perfect guide and companion. And, before I forget, if there's anyplace you want to go that's not usually open, take Laura, she's been getting doors opened for me for years now."
For Pierre-Adrien and Louis-Alexandre it all became like their own private (Italian) family; it's even how Francesco got so good at French.

Joseph-Benoît Suvée   Portrait de Louis-Alexandre Trouard   1774

"Francesco and Louis-Alexandre were also about the same age, 14 and 13 years old."
Pierre Pinon, Pierre-Adrien Pâris architecte (1745-1819) ou l'archéologie malgré soi (doctoral thesis, 1997), pp. 41-2.

From The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project:
17 August 2023   Thursday
Apparemment Pâris reçoit de l'argent de Paris indépendamment de sa bourse de pensionnaire. Ainsi le voyons-nous tirer de l'argent d'un certain "MT Rondel" chez le banquier Cioja (ou Cioia), banquier ordinaire de l'Académie de France.
Pour ce qui est de sa vie quotidienne, l'été, Pâris se baigne dans le Tibre. Durant le mois d'août 1772 la baignade est presque tous les jours à son programme.
Il écrit à ses amis, J.Fr.Th. Chalgrin, Hubert Robert, Laurent Grimod de La Reynière, Lefaivre et son fils, ou évidemment L.Fr. Trouard.
Le jeune Trouard, justement l'occupe beaucoup. Pâris est content de ses dessins, mais beaucoup moins de sa lecture et de son écriture en italien. "Je le reprend toujours sur les mêmes fautes". Il est quelquefois obligé de le gronder, car il écrit mal, et de plus il ment. Pour Pâris c'est une occupation quotidienne. Voici, par exemple, une note du "Journal" prise le 11 janvier 1772: " [...] depuis longtems je le menaçois de lui jeter son chapeau à terre lorsqu'il ne salueroit pas les étrangers, je l'ai fait, il m'a paru que cela lui avoit fait sensation". Puis d'autres prises les 16 et 17 février 1772 : "Mr Trouard en a reçu une [lettre] de son papa et j'ai remarqué avec plaisir qu'il lui couloit des larmes des yeux en la lisant"; "[...] de là je suis allé voir Mr Trouard que je n'avois pas vu de la journée. Je l'ai trouvé qui avoit changé d'habit avec la signorina Marianna. Quoique très bien de figure comme garçon, il est mal en fille". Car Louis-Alexandre loge toujours chez la "signora Marthe". C'est seulement au début de l'année 1773 qu'il sera admis au palais Mancini: "[... le père vous priera, je crois, que vous permettiés que cet enfant puisse loger avec Paris, qui luy est d'un très grand avantage pour ce fils", écrit Natoire à Marigny le 24 février 1773. La demande de Louis-François Trouard fut vite prise en compte car Pâris notera dans son "Journal qui commence le 1 er avril 1773": "J'ai pris Mr Trouard avec moi le 27 mars. Je lui ai loué un lit huit sols par mois et j'ai payé le premier d'avance".

Apparently Paris receives money from Paris independently of his boarding school scholarship. Thus we see him draw money from a certain "MT Rondel" at the banker Cioja (or Cioia), ordinary banker of the Academy of France.
As for his daily life, in the summer, Paris bathes in the Tiber. During the month of August 1772 bathing was on his program almost every day.
He writes to his friends, J.Fr.Th. Chalgrin, Hubert Robert, Laurent Grimod de La Reynière, Lefaivre and his son, or of course L.Fr. Trouard.
The young Trouard, precisely, occupies him a lot. Pâris is happy with his drawings, but much less with his reading and writing in Italian. "I always take him back on the same faults". He is sometimes obliged to scold him, because he writes badly, and moreover he lies. For Paris it is a daily occupation. Here, for example, is a note from the "Journal" taken on January 11, 1772: "[...] hat on the ground when he did not greet strangers, I did it, it seemed to me that it caused him a sensation". Then other takes on February 16 and 17, 1772: "Mr Trouard received one [letter] from his dad and I noticed with pleasure that tears flowed from his eyes as he read it"; "[...] from there I went to see Mr Trouard whom I had not seen from the daytime. I found him who had changed clothes with Signorina Marianna. Although he looks very good as a boy, he is bad as a girl". Because Louis-Alexandre always stays with the "signora Marthe". It is only at the beginning of the year 1773 that he will be admitted to the Mancini palace: "[... the father will ask you, I believe, that you allow this child to be able to stay with Paris, which is of great advantage to him for this son", wrote Natoire to Marigny on February 24, 1773. The request of Louis- François Trouard was quickly taken into account because Pâris will note in his "Journal which begins on April 1, 1773": "I took Mr Trouard with me on March 27. I rented him a bed for eight sols a month and paid for the first one in advance".
Pierre Pinon, Pierre-Adrien Pâris architecte (1745-1819) ou l'archéologie malgré soi (doctoral thesis, 1997), pp. 44-5.

Bianconi's Doctoring Piranesi   episode seven: "When in Rome: The Francesco and Louis-Alexandre Story"


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What's Rachel been reading
Hi Steve:
I was reading the May 28 New Yorker when I nearly fell out of my chair. Read the attached review of the Rachel Harrison show and you may have a reaction yourself. What are the odds she DIDN'T read about the back door at Quondam....almost nil, I should think.
Things are getting back to a semblance of normal, although I feel as I've stepped through a threshold and as usual there's no going back. What I mostly feel is a big void where there once was my dad, which is stronger than with any other passing away (Leslie was maybe the closest to it). I'll get in touch with you about doing another walk in the woods and/or scenic drive soon.
Hope all is well,


Re: What's Rachel been reading
Hi Tony,
Thanks for the heads-up, but there really isn't anything I can do about it. Besides Museumpeace and Quondam, I made 'news' of Étant donnés' back door at the online Marcel Duchamp bulletin board (2002) and at (2003), where I also commented on Rachel Harrison's work. I don't think anyone within the art world (or general public for that matter) would be aware of the back door if I hadn't publicized its existence via the internet 10 years ago.
I understand completely about the void you feel since your Dad's passing. I'm finding that it's just like they say--only time will heal that. I'm slowly but surely getting things done within the house, and I foresee being mostly done by the end of October--there's going to be a lot I can't do once the central air-conditioning is running all day.
Just give me a call whenever you'd like to get together again.
ps 2020.12.12
I'm now thinking that 'Kiss My Abstract' at artforum/talkback was actually Rachel Harrison, just like 'DuChamp' was actually T. J. Demos.


“We’re everywhere this week”
My how the landscape has changed!
Back in March of 1986 when I appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer for the first time within Thomas Hine's "The spectacular new architectural model of the city" there was no such thing as having one's own blog. Nor were there blogs in 1993 and 1994 when I next appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer courtesy a couple of reviews of exhibits at Venue by Herr Sozanski.
So now in 2006 the "artist" that has been featured in two WHYY Spotlights so far has two blogs.
Gosh, when Robin Rice wrote about me in The City Paper it was regarding my letter from Donald Trump.
I can't wait till I see my next mountain so I can then say, "Would you just look at that big blog over there!"
Hi Roberta and Libby, I'm still "cooking up" my next ad for placement at artblog.


Re: comments on artblog
Dear Libby and Roberta,
Thank goodness I htm-file-save every post I write anywhere. And thank you for adding the final touch to my two latest performance pieces: Further Adventures of the Taboo Solipsist.
Go in Museumpeace, and may Museumpeace be with you!
for Quondam and Museumpeace
Me not furthering discussion? Are you two really that clueless?!? How about you two actually ending discussions after you two actually had a discussion involving me?


Re: artists faces within their own work
You mean one of the Schwarz reenactments of Duchamp's In Advance of the Broken Arm?
Does the PMA even own one of these reenactments?
Hey DuSnatch, whose critical thinking are you reenacting?


Re: Maint Stream Art, Folk Art, and Kitsch
Try thinking beyond the stereotype.
Also try thinking about what is not expected.
Doing/being what is not expected is my (personal) operating system.


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