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Stephen Lauf

My Retirement at Ury So Far
2021 - 2024

Spent the better part of the afternoon bringing stuff from the garden shed into the house, and hopefully soon turning it all into "art."









SL 11:11 PM
Guess what...some of my very best work will be part of an exhibit this summer at the House of Culture, Moscow.

AK 11:16 PM
No way?!
From that email I got?
I hope youíre not a Russian spy but thatís epic.

SL 11:21 PM
Yes, yes, and not a spy. I canít believe Iím not bursting at the seams...theyíre featuring my theory of chronosomatics, The Timepiece of Humanity. Andrew, yes epic. Iím tearing up a little now. I almost called you today but it was too busy here with my brother.

AK 11:22 PM
I'm so happy for you Stephen
So so so cool

SL 11:25 PM
Thanks Andrew, and you played a BIG ART part in all this happiness too. Don't forget that! lol

AK 11:25 PM
Haha I guess I did. I hope its all for good.

SL 11:32 PM
It will be all for good, cause that's all it's ever been for. Yeah, I'm honestly that confident now. I, and my brother, have a very unique relationship to Russia. We wouldn't even have come into existence if our parents hadn't met in a Soviet labor camp 1945-1949.

AK 11:34 PM

SL 11:36 PM
The camp was in southern Ukraine, primarily for coal mining. I'm pretty sure the curatorial team I'm communicating with already know that.

SL 11:38 PM
Andrew, I got to get to bed. Good night.



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