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Mary Boone's 180 hours of community service   hour 31

further work on
flowers stamped

further work on
flowers stamped

Before last night, the only other time I saw Repo Man was 20 years ago in a movie theater when it first came out. I remembered some of the actors/characters, but forgot almost everything else. Never expected the main character to be named Otto, or spontaneously laughing a lot too. [I feel] I now have a better understanding where movies like Pulp Fiction and (kinda) Suburbia came from.
The party to officially announce the engagement of Cardinal Dougherty and Eva Stotesbury (his first, her fourth) is slated for 20 March 2004. Unearthly delights galore.
You should hear all the "late antiques" discussing the sanctity of marriage and family values. A favorite game is to name all the relatives and in-laws killed by Constantine and his sons. Sam Goldwyn came up with a great movie idea that will surely please Dougherty--The Passion Reenactments of St. Catherine de Ricci: The True Story of a Bilocating Bride.
The Da Vinci Code and proposed Constitutional amendments are an ongoing source of entertainment.
The co-authored paper by Piranesi and Tertullian for the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention is entitled De Spectaculis II.


Re: The Mourning After: A Roundtable
[architecturally speaking] foundations are by default underground. [perhaps the apparent lack of foundation(s) is more truly a lack of looking for foundation(s) in the right place(s).] leaky basements can coincide with foundation erosion. [don't listen to me, I virtually flunked structures.] received awards for design, however. [tabula rasa is a form of blindness?]


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