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2004.08.06 07:49
Transnational Spaces
Why not ask Native Americans about cultural erasure and placenessness?

2004.08.06 06:39
Re: movin' on up...some thoughts?
"I Balls"
entitles the 25 foot long poem
running through
Hey Art Picasso How's Your Brother Dick?
"The Sound Of Your Negative Reminds Me Of Purple You Steak"
entitles the (only?) poem with a flipside
running through
2 = odd, Dick.
"I Balls" was written in 1983.
"The Sound Of Your Negative Reminds Me Of Purple You Steak" was written in 1984.
Is masturbatory narcissism meta-inspirational?
The Final Dick Manifesto
contains the
2nd Self Portrait.
Rare stuff indeed.
Otto and Maria might just throw a Casa Vogue fetish party.
link ins in fields
houses that morph [into other stuff, Dick]
Picasso at home
Picasso at home
My azalea bush right out front blooms twice a year, in the Spring like all the other azaleas, and again mid-Summer. How rare is that?
speaking of retirement

Venue is one of my legal fictitious names.

2004.08.06 09:18
Transnational Spaces
I'm living in the same house since October 1958.
I believe the valley my house is in used to contain many Lenni Lenape graves.
It was my idea to have cedar tress planted at the quondam Whitaker Mills because Whitaker Mills' first address was Cedar Grove.
sanguine sagaciousness

2004.08.06 09:23
Re: How can I promote my website art to the right people?
As Mike Kelley inadvertantly(?) points out in Foul Perfection, there are at least two active artworlds that make up ongoing art history, those that play by the 'club' rules and then those that are (either) heretics, apostates, revolutionaries, etc.
excerpt from:
Rainer Rother, Leni Riefenstahl: The Seduction of Genius
Ian L. McHarg, A Quest for Life
Timothy Barnes, Tertullian: A Historical and Literary Study

2004.08.09 11:35
The Ottofest in Budapest
The Ottofest in Budapest, 15 August 2004, is in honor of Honorius, Ezeri Mester, and Napoleon.
Honorius, Roman Emperor of the West, husband of the sisters Maria and Thermantia respectively, son of Theodosius and Aelia Flavia Flaccilla, died 15 August 423.
St. Stephen, King of Hungary, died 15 August 1038.
Napoleon was born 15 August 1769.
Stephen, who was crowned King circa the winter solstice 1000-1001 by Holy Roman Emperor Otto, told Otto, the great virtual King of Bavaria, that if he organized a feast, there would then be a surprise for him.
To ensure no one went hungry in Hungary, Otto called for his favorite cook, Theodor Hierneis, who was also Ludwig's cook and subsequently also the Kaiser's.
"Theodor, this is a very special occasion. Everything must be perfect."
"No worries, Your Majesty, it will be the Ottofest in Budapest."
"That's it! Along with all the regular guests there will be just as many guests named Otto. Thus, like a checker-board, every regular guest will be surrounded by an Otto."

2004.08.10 10:44
Re: The Ottofest in Budapest
Hey Patrick,
I was born 20 March 1956, and my brother Otto was in a very bad automobile (under a truck on the expressway) accident 20 March 1980.
Napoleon II was born 20 March 1811.
The engagement party for Eva and Dennis was 20 March 2004.
Dennis Cardinal Dougherty was born 16 August 1865--the feast of St. Stephen of Hungary (according to some traditions). Since they'll be in Hungary, Eva's taking Dennis to where Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria and Baroness Marie Vetsera committed double suicide (supposedly)--Surprise! and Happy Birthday! all at once. The simple VHS present under the pillow is a recording of Meyerling starring Omar Sharif and Catherine Deneuve.
According to some sources, 20 March is the ancient Roman dies sanguinis.
Benjamin Franklin met Louis XVI at Versailles 20 March 1778.
Marcel Duchamp gave a provocative speech 20 March 1961 at Philadelphia regarding "Where do we go from here?"
The US began its attack on Iraq 20 March 2003.
Calendrical coincidence is a leading thematic/compositional motif of The Odds of Ottopia.
After a few days in and around Budapest, a good bit of the gang are then off to St. Helena Island on 18 August, after a brief stop in Corsica, of course. Helena occasionally spends her feast day on the island, but it is relatively rare these days for both Helena and Napoleon to be celebrating the feast on the island together (or at least that's what they want everyone else to think). Then on 21 August it's 'back home' for Otto and Maria via Wildwood, New Jersey.
Steven Izenour died 21 August 2001, right in the middle of reenactment season. My grandmother Franziska died 21 August 1988, and my godson Michael was born 21 August 1988. "Calendrical Coincidence", the first chapter of EPICENTRAL, is dedicated to the memory of Franziska Brenner and Steven Izenour.
Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria was born 21 August 1858.
"So Maria, what do you think Ludwig's 'cooking up' for Leni's birthday on the 22nd?"
(Aleric assaults Rome 24 August 410--beginning of the Dark Ages?)
"Maybe it's something like the total opposite of what Leni's 'cooking up' for Ludwig's birthday on the 25th?"
Ludwig is presently in the midst of making plans to visit St. Louis, Missouri 25 August 2004. He's all excited because Hannibal and Twain are going with him.
Gordon died 27 August 1978. [Otto and Maria might just throw a Casa Vogue fetish party.]
Rita Novel

2004.08.10 10:54
favorite recent archi-phrase
'Reenactment Season" as in "Reenactment Season 1997" entitles the first chapter of Reenactionary Architecturism.
"Reenactment Season 1997" is dedicated to the memory of Gianni Versace, Diana quondam Princess of Wales, Aldo Rossi, Mother Teresa and Otto Lauf.

2004.08.12 10:38
Re: common history should be rewritten as our-story
Patrick, when you write:
Once established such a list, let's say of people born the some day of the year , any historian or researcher could extract from their names, race, nationalities, work, or any other data or comparisons of their personal files, or lives, the conclusions he wants, the results he needs to show, from his interpretation to establish his point. to write his story
I hope you do not think that the above describes the process by which I initially composed the group of characters for The Odds of Ottopia, because a whole other (inverted) set of operations is actually at play in my work.
When was Eutropia born? When did Eutropia die?
These are two questions that describe a subliminal motive of TOOO.
Also, deathdays take precedence over birthdays within TOOO. [So much for the fragility of life.]
One mystery has already been solved, i.e., when Fausta committed suicide.
So where exactly in Greece did the spiral columns come from?
Athens? Olympia? Is Leni "Triumph of the Will" Riefenstahl the one who finds out?
If you do the research, you'll find that over the last five years I have written a very uncommon history of St. Helena, and, in so doing, a very uncommon history of early Christian architecture has also been written.
If you do the research, you'll also find that over the last six years I have written a very uncommon history of Piranesi and his Ichnographia Campus Martius, and, in so doing, a heretofore unknown printing of the Ichnographia has been discovered.
I am much more interested in uncommon history than in common history.
History aside, The Odds of Ottopia is my exercise in blurring the virtual and real to somewhat of an extreme.

2004.08.13 12:00
Re: Is Bonsai an art, Dix?
Otto was surprised to learn that Otto Dix now-a-days (or is it daze?) enjoys Bonsai as expressionist art. Apparently, the Bonsai play a role in some new quasi religious allegory painting series entitled Posthistoric Virtual Art History.
Remember when zip posted a link to or something like that? A survivor of Artforum/talkback history.

2004.08.13 13:19
Re: Is Bonsai an art?
Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix born 2 December 1891
Gianni Versace born 2 December 1946
Flavia Julia Helena Augusta died 25 July 326
Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix died 25 July 1969

2004.08.13 13:57
Re: Is Bonsai an art?
Flavia Maxima Fausta committed suicide 25 July 326

(calendrical coincidental) 25 July

2004.08.14 11:38
Re: Coincidental data can also become a visual work of art
Patrick, you addressed the relationship between invention and interpretation, but my point was that coincidences, by their innate nature, are not inventions. Coincidences can be interpreted, but the coincidences I interpret are not my invention.
Also, I am not Otto the Great Virtual King of Bavaria. The Otto of The Odds of Ottopia represents an extreme set of ex-human/ex-schizophrenic circumstances.
If I am anyone in this exercise, it's Rita Novel.



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