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2002.07.21 13:31
20 July 2002 on the moon
Unofficial reports claim that some (increasingly strong armed) spirits among those participating at the tranquil crater party/meeting were advocating a "NO MORE HUMAN FOOTPRINTS" policy. (Philadelphia?) Cream Cheese was enjoyed by all, and, as usual, lunatic garb was the fashion staple.
Collins was left in the woods, or so went the Buzz.

2002.08.13 17:48
Duchamp and Reenactment
Looking through the 'arts & literature' sections of Tout Fait, it is clear that many Duchamp inspired artworks are indeed reenactments of one kind or another. It all fits though since even Duchamp reenated his work--the readymade redux, Boite edition, Green Box, etc.

2002.08.22 16:26
Is G. Farriz showing us that it is now a paradox to try and try again even if one does first succeed?
Go in Museumpeace, and may Museumpeace be with you.

2002.08.26 07:28
Re: paradoxz / G.Farriz
So I was correct? You are indeed trying and trying again even though you already first succeeded.
I just got done watching this great TV show called Rollover-Play. It's mostly a display of un-air-conditioned thespians followed by an award ceremony lauding the best over-actor. I could barely hold back the tears.
ad carceres a calce revocari

2002.08.26 15:54
Re: Marriage Vow(El)S In Drag - Part one of a new list from Heart Fine Art
Could it be that the whiter humanity thinks, the more it manifests extinctions? Or is such thinking going hyper avant-garde?

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