30 December

Rem Koolhaas and OMA-AMO
2003.12.30 16:08

Genetic Engineering 001
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Visited While Under Construction in 1978
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Genetic Engineering 001

Rem Koolhaas and OMA-AMO
2003.12.30 16:08

At the In Your Face symposium at NYU 29 September 2001, featuring Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Rem Koolhaas and others, I questioned Venturi about his unsureness regarding 'content' when it came to building facades that were also screens that present electronic imagery--Venturi pioneered this idea back in the 1960s with an unexecuted design for the Football Hall of Fame. My point was that if architects design buildings where (some of) the facades are screens, that it might also be the 'job' of the architect to provide the content to be 'screened', or at least provide some sort of direction to how the screen facades might be fully utilized. After a full exchange with both Venturi and Scott Brown, the moderator of the symposium asked Koolhaas if he had any additional thoughts on this topic, to which Koolhaas replied, "I am not interested in discussing 'content'." Koolhaas has since then obviously changed his mind because the whole theme of the Koolhass/OMA/AMO exhibit presently at Berlin, and the title of Koolhaas' forthcoming book, is indeed Content.

It was soon after late September 2001 that www.quondam.com, a virtual museum of architecture, began defining itself as "architecture as the delivery of content." I wonder what the current Koolhaas/OMA/AMO exhibit would have been themed/named if I hadn't attended In You Face.




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