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Re: Yinka Shonibare
2004.11.01 12:06

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Re: Yinka Shonibare 2004.11.01 12:06

Went to David Batchelor: On Chromophobia last Thursday night at Arcadia University. The talk was in conjunction with Eliasson's Your Colour Memory also at Arcadia University. "Chromophobia was named twice in Artforum as a 'best of'."

Revisited two Trumbauer-designed buildings in the process.

Batchelor said he did most of his research for Chromophobia at parties. Tony (sitting next to me) thought Batchelor's lecture should have been conducted as a party.

So color is most recently seen in Western culture as primitive (or oriental, the feminine, the infantile, the vulgar, the queer, or the pathological)?

Next day went to see Yinka Shonibare at the Fabric Workshop and Museum—signature of Artforum rep in sign-in book. The exhibit was the perfect antidote to Chromophobia.

If there's anything that I'm not, it's a chromophobe.




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