22 October

Square Poem 34   3356q
Square Poem 35   3356r

Self Portrait III begins

notes on Chronosomatics 110-112

Queens Knocking Chanel  

Two for the Road

there are some things I don't throw out
mutual consent    
slash dot slash    
red sea negative    
think bigger    
sticking to your diet    
what you are really looking at    
previous stairway to heaven    
Museumpeace 2001.10.22 12:46    
quondam urban planning    
Wieder Über Künstler    
primitive gene splicing    
sometimes called ir-reality    
looking at "I Can't Stand the Sight of Blood"    
Museumpeace 2001.10.22 13:51    
etwas further from the truth    
all over the country    
somewhat epicentral    
monochrome magnified 001    
copyright free 001    
just another body of water    
monochrome magnified 002    
Fassbinder is dead    
weight equals zero    
seeing eye dog    
jjslkiowrhu bnjwr o orwuh r
in MoMA's courtyard 1977
arris field = 879x548    
how to look better    
due immediately    
atmospheric conditions    
understood conditions    
fan mail    
force of habit    
abstract crust    
sea Eye Dog    
overgloat the stopper    

Tafuri deathdate ?
2004.10.22 11:46

Understood Conditions

Tafuri deathdate ?
2004.10.22 11:46

Tafuri is "dying" for an invitation to any of the 2005 events of the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention, but John the Baptist Piranesi continually insists that Otto and Maria not invite him.

"Then again, if you do invite that cobweb-head, I could trick him into one of my prisons."

"Why don't you just design a new sarcophagus for him?"

"Ha! As usual Maria, you're brilliant!"

"You can say that again. Oh, and by the way, are you coming to our next dinner party? Isma'il (Raji al-Faruqi) and Lois (Lamya al-Faruqi) are a 'for sure' and Lois is bringing some of her famous saffron rice."

"You're funny too Otto. You know I never miss an opportunity to dine with the last Palestinian Governor of Galilee. Besides, I'm bringing Melania the Older and the Younger--they gave it all up for Galilee too."

"Good. You'll be enjoying saffron rice, and Tafuri will be eating his heart out.]

Julian, James and John are busy, busy, busy. Ben's given his blessing, but "Jock Strap" Gréber thinks it a bit rash and itchy for them not to be playing with him too. "It is after all my original design that they are interpolating!"

"Is it true that Ottositions and Ottober magazines are secretly being worked on?"




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