21 September

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movie: Schinkel book goes to Hollywood
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"I'm three dimensional."
2000.09.21 22:52

North Philadelphia

Morphosis Exhibit Redux

21 September
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92092101.db Wall, Philadelphia aerial perspective

"I'm three dimensional."
2000.09.21 22:52

In the romantic, classic movie Two for the Road (1968), Albert Finney portrays Mark, a young American architect that ultimately becomes a European jet-setting architect (that's his very smart Mercedes coupe being driven into the back of an aircraft in one of the opening scenes).

As a recent graduate architect, he hitch-hikes through France taking 3D pictures of buildings; that's when he meets Joanna, played by Audrey Hepburn. As the pair are still just getting to know each other, Joanna asked Mark to take a picture of her instead of the local Cathedral. Mark says his camera is made for taking pictures of 3-dimensional objects like buildings. To which Joanna in beautiful irony replies, "I'm three dimensional."





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