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The Ottofest in Budapest
2004.08.10 11:06

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The Ottofest in Budapest
2004.08.10 11:06

The Ottofest in Budapest, 15 August 2004, is in honor of Honorius, Ezeri Mester, and Napoleon.

Honorius, Roman Emperor of the West, husband of the sisters Maria and Thermantia respectively, son of Theodosius and Aelia Flavia Flaccilla, died 15 August 423.

St. Stephen, King of Hungary, died 15 August 1038.

Napoleon was born 15 August 1769.

Stephen, who was crowned King circa the winter solstice 1000-1001 by Holy Roman Emperor Otto, told Otto, the great virtual King of Bavaria, that if he organized a feast, there would then be a surprise for him.

To ensure no one went hungry in Hungary, Otto called for his favorite cook, Theodor Hierneis, who was also Ludwig's cook and subsequently also the Kaiser's.

"Theodor, this is a very special occasion. Everything must be perfect."

"No worries, Your Majesty, it will be the Ottofest in Budapest."

"That's it! Along with all the regular guests there will be just as many guests named Otto. Thus, like a checker-board, every regular guest will be surrounded by an Otto."




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