21 July

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Piranesi, Duchamp and Mustard   4580
2001.07.21 11:32

20 July 2002 on the moon   1072m
2002.07.21 13:31

Re: shining with like...   1423f
2004.07.21 11:29

David Wallace dies in apparant double suicide
2004.07.21 11:51   1423f
2004.07.21 13:25   1423f
2004.07.21 15:39   1423f
2004.07.21 19:01   1423f

I like ...   1662v
2005.07.21 13:16

Big up your home urban conurbation
2005.07.21 15:53   1662v
2005.07.21 15:59   1662v
2005.07.21 16:38   1662v
2005.07.21 17:06   1662v
2005.07.21 17:12   1662v
2005.07.21 17:30   1662v
2005.07.21 18:48   1662v

Demolition vs. Restoration   1662v
2005.07.21 18:14

of Anonymous Saint in Bikini While Jesus is Walking on Water   1662w

2001.07.21 11:32
Piranesi, Duchamp and Mustard
Use your imagination when it comes to the subject. The object is to be a self-publishing museum. The only artistic interactivity that I get anything out of is this kind of list serve back and forth commentating (as best interfaced by email lists). Virtual museums can be created and designed by anyone with talent now, and that's the best utilization of the virtual -- self portrait as museum. There is only an obligation to yourself in cyberspace if you asked me.
But then again I don't worry about making money, and I abhor the thought of doing work for other people. Yes, I and my museums are popular, but also ignored, especially by those that assume they are better, or assume that I'm not better -- I think the latter rings more true.
I have a feeling I don't have to wonder about what the hot project will be five years from now. That's because I might be already secretly doing it.
Please steal my ideas. I need the points to get into Heaven.
Rumor has it that Rita Novel is a part-time whore.

2002.07.21 13:31
20 July 2002 on the moon
Unofficial reports claim that some (increasingly strong armed) spirits among those participating at the tranquil crater party/meeting were advocating a "NO MORE HUMAN FOOTPRINTS" policy. (Philadelphia?) Cream Cheese was enjoyed by all, and, as usual, lunatic garb was the fashion staple.
Collins was left in the woods, or so went the Buzz.




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