3 July

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Artifacts of Ottopia
2006.07.03 18:44

There goes that bilocation again.

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There goes that bilocation again.
"Did you notice how Chapter 3 of Against the Day is entitled "Bilocations"?
"Yes, I did."

"Don't you think it's strange that Pynchon should incorporate "bilocation" into a novel a couple years after you did?"
"Who knows? Maybe Pynchon read The Odds of Ottopia while it was simultaneously written and published online."

"Ha. Ha."
"Didn't you notice the similarity between Chums of Chance and Odds of Ottopia?

"Ah indeed. What do you think were the chances or odds of that!?"

the Chum of Chance is a pluc-ky soul,
Who shall neither whine or ejac-u-late,
For his blood's as red and his mind's as pure
As the stripes of his bla-a-zer immac-u-late

"So Rita Novel."

"So Bilocations."




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