13 June

1886 death of Ludwig II

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the true answer is false?
2003.06.13 17:27

2004 feast of Corpus Christi (Otto's confession)

Happy 118th Deathday
2004.06.13 09:48

Blicks from Moravia

2016.06.13 11:55


the true answer is false?
2003.06.13 17:27

true or false:
someone using a real name delivers less truth than someone using a false name

this might be you:

house of gorgonzola before and after:

Happy 118th Deathday
2004.06.13 09:48

Ludwig and Leni (Riefenstahl) are spending most of today, Ludwig's 118th deathday, at Fonthill, in Doylestown, PA. Mercer's all excited, fellow syphilitic castle-builder and all that. Leni can't wait to take pictures--Blicks von Moravia.

Then next Sunday is the wedding of Dennis and Eva at 20:57 in the intersection of Rising Sun Avenue and Tabor Road. The latest buzz is that all the weavers of "the Great Isfahan" are flying in on the carpet itself.




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