22 April

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Re: a bavarian pope?
2005.04.22 08:59
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2005.04.22 08:59
Re: a bavarian pope?
[She] says it's all that Wittelsbach money that got the Bavarian Catholic Church where it is today. And then she told me about Privilegium Ottonianum. She has been waiting a long time for this moment, ever since she saw that painting of a Bavarian von Ow Bishop hanging in the dining room at 45 Lindenstrasse. Now she has time for writing "Notes on Concentration Camp." God bless her.

2005.04.22 09:57
Re: a bavarian pope?
Let's just say the Wittelsbach Royal Treasury is still the most valuable in Europe.

2005.04.22 09:48
St. Genevieve and Duchamp are quite chummy, actually. It has a lot to do with the whole Pantheon as national mausoleum thing.
There's Genevieve and there's Catherine de Ricci. So how many spouses does Christ have exactly?

2005.04.22 12:53
Re: Selective Memories
"The miracles which were preformed there from the time of her burial rendered this church famous over all France, so that at length it began to be known by her name. The fabric, however, fell into decay, and a new church [which has a striking resemblence to one of Piranesi's designs within the Prima Parti, 1750] was begun in 1764. This has been secularized and, under the name of the Pantheon, is now used as a national mausoleum."
"Boy oh boy, this hitting the Bullshit's Eye is getting funner all the time."




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