9 April

1999 tower of St. Boniface Church stuck by lightening

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"Can Art Be Taught"
2002.04.09 16:08


2005 marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

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Artifacts of Ottopia
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Sol Lewitt dies at 78
2007.04.09 18:11

9 April
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9 April
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Virtual Painting
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Virtual Painting 220

2002.04.09 16:08
"Can Art Be Taught"
...The virtual takeover of art teaching by the universities in this country has coincided with the dying out of teaching methods passed down from the medieval guilds to the apprenticeship system of the Renaissance and, after, to the nineteenth-century beaux-arts academies in Europe, and this has had a profound effect on the kind of art that gets produced.
"Can there be any doubt that training in the university has contributed to the cool, impersonal wave in art of the sixties?" the critic Harold Rosenberg observed in 1970. In order to become an academic discipline, art had to be intellectualized. Craft and technique were subordinated to verbal analysis, problem solving, and critical theory. University-based art teaching, in fact, became more and more like scientific research, with the pursuit of ideas as its primary goal.
Calvin Tomkins, "Can Art Be Taught?" in The New Yorker (2002.04.15).





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