5 April

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(so-called) Birth of Venus in a Dream I

Re: The Last Taboo?
2003.04.05 12:10

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5 April
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2003.04.05 12:10
Re: The Last Taboo?
So far, the major work comprising The Uraustellung in The Curatorium is Schinkel is not Goya, and Lauf is not the Chapmans.
Don't tell me solipsism is the real last taboo! Hey, maybe today is the real Carpe Diem Eureka Day as well. Or maybe everyday is Carpe Diem Eureka Day for the taboo solipsist.

07040502.db PMA (w/ flat columns) pavilion models, ignudi pediment, Duchamp gallery, 5233 model and plans; gallery partitions not opaqued




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