24 March


cracks in a niche with restricted entrance
2003.03.24 11:22

House in Ottopia
2004.03.24 11:29

Old school - when it was done manually - anyone care to share some old work?
2013.03.24 13:08     6603o

24 March
2013.03.24 20:39     6603p

zero zero seven   0032g
zero zero eight   0032h

Étant donnés' back door shares a niche with two Mondrians at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Composition with Blue (1926) hangs on the wall next to Étant Donnés' back door,

and Composition with White and Red (1936) hangs on the wall across from Étant donnés' back door,

and it takes "2 KEY" to open Étant Donnés' back door.




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