17 January

395 death of Theodosius

1706 birth of Benjamin Franklin

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17 January 395, 1706, 2006
2006.01.17 11:30
2006.01.17 13:57

the year of the woman.
2006.01.17 15:20

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2006.01.17 11:30
17 January 395, 1706, 2006
17 January 395
the death of Theodosius
17 January 1706
the birth of Benjamin Franklin
17 January 2006
the end of Leaving Obscurity Behind
the 2005 Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention
Who knows what else was going on in Boston 300 years ago today, but 1611 years ago in Milan there were "exhibitions of games in the Hippodrome" [de Spectaculis] in the morning and afternoon, in honor of the arrival of Honorius, the younger son of Theodosius.
The Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia reenacts the axis of life as deliniated by Piranesi within the Ichnographia Campus Martius, and it is at this overlay where Theodosius and Franklin now cross paths, with Trumbauer right there too at the Free Library of Philadelphia.
Honorius' first wife Maria, whose sarcophagus Piranesi used to begin Il Campo Marzio, is presently married to Otto, King of Bavaria, who is now thrilled to see that his production of Leaving Obscurity Behind manifest a happy success.

2006.01.17 13:57
17 January 395, 1706, 2006
No doubt Otto really deserves a vacation so he convinces Maria to now not go to Milan for 40 days while Theodosius (again) lies in state, and rather go together for 40 days to Bogotá. They have no idea what to see and do there these days, so they're up for any suggestions. All the same, Otto and Maria are already sure it will be well worth the trip!
They have one excursion already planned though--to the Encantadas with Katherine Hepburn and Montgomery Cliff. They're putting down Liz as a maybe.
"Gosh, so many tags, and we only just got started!"
"Yeah, and I'm already starving too."
"As usual, starving for attention!"
"What do they say for good luck in reenactment theater?"
"Break a leg, too."

2006.01.17 15:20
the year of the woman.
That's interesting because most of the world's leaders are either politicians or military generals. There used to be lots of imperial reenactors, and not too long ago even a plain actor. It's nice that we're now more able to see how women fit into the leadership mix.




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