Duchamp Sept. 11
digital image file

I looked at Yvonne and Magdeleine Torn in Tatters at the Philadelphia Museum of Art this afternoon, and took some digital snapshots of the painting as well. Later, at home, looking at a close-up image of the painting's signature, I notice it is signed "Duchamp Sept. 11". I found out the date means September 1911, but I still think the coincidence is interesting. Perhaps I'll start referring to the quondam World Trade Center towers as Yvonne and Magdeleine.

There is a special Richard Hamilton Museum Studies 6 exhibit within the PMA Duchamp gallery. I might upload some images of the exhibit at Museumpeace next month.

Someone has left additional graffiti on Étant donnés' back door--"BAOC Scoota Allegheny 2002". This graffiti was not there about a month ago.




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