(chronosomatically) Contemplating the Navel

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1 :
the highest point or stage (as of growth or development) : the utmost degree : HEIGHT, PEAK, SUMMIT 2 archaic : the period of maturity or full growth 3 : a hypothetical period of maximum evolutionary activity in the phylogenetic history of a stock between an initial emergent phase and a terminal aging phase

Moving beyond ambulation

As the Renaissance marks the union of the Greek and Latin worlds and the scientific resolution of appearance and reality, it also witnessed a profound change in human migration. The operation of walking on two legs is virtually synonymous with humanity's very beginning, and, as time moved on, humanity reached the acme of ambulation when the plane of the present engaged the hip bones for the last time. Human locomotion reached a point of maturity, and the plane of the present's ascent beyond the hip bones signified a major transition in human mobility. Humanity ceased to be, once and for all, a wandering nomad, and, in turn, began the existence of a consummate navigator. Once again the move above the hip bones marks the end of something very old and the beginning of something very new.




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